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Cold Room

Many firms deal with perishables or products that are temperature-sensitive. Cold storage rooms are a secure place to keep these goods. It is possible to keep and package items in cold storage areas while yet maintaining the right temperature. By keeping your products at a certain temperature, they stay fresher for longer. Think about keeping fresh produce in storage. If they are kept at the proper temperature, they will remain fresher for longer. Perishable foods can lose flavour, colour, and texture if they are stored at the incorrect temperature. Food poisoning is also more likely to occur if someone consumes improperly stored food. You cannot take such a risk when using items.
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Chicken Blast Cold Room

Price: 150000 INR

To prevent rapid growth of pathogenic bacteria, perishable meat and poultry products should be kept cold (40 or below) or frozen (0 or below) during transport from the plant to a refrigerated warehouse or retail store.

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Price: 150000.00 INR

Cold rooms are fine for storing anything that does not require refrigeration at a specific temperature. Items included here would be raw fruits, raw vegetables, pop, canned goods, potatoes, dry goods (cereal), unopened salad dressings and unopened sauces.

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Price: 500000 INR/Piece
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Cold Room Condensing Unit

Price: 10000 INR
  • Supply Ability:1 Per Day
  • Usage:Commercial
  • Product Type:Cold Room Condensing Unit
  • Voltage:415 Volt (v)
  • Color:Green

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